WE, THE CITY: Plurality and Resistance in Berlin and Istanbul

Who are we, the city? Can we find the elements of an egalitarian democratic imaginary and a non-hegemonic conception of ‘we’ by thinking the instances of resistance in Berlin and Istanbul together? 

The conference invites to examine how residents of Berlin and Istanbul experience, express and resist the physical, political and normative re-ordering of their cities. For the course of three days we invite practitioners and theorists of the urban – activists, cultural producers and scholars alike to explore various forms of knowledge-production, including moderated talks, panels and installations.

Hier eine herzliche Einladung zur Konferenz „Blickwechsel“ Istanbul – Berlin mit spannender Diskussion:

Thema: //Spacio-politics: Humboldt Forum, New Taksim, Checkpoint Charlie and the City Quarters

Orhan Esen und Theresa Keilhacker im Gespräch. Moderiert von Begüm Başdaş


c/o narrativ e.V. Skalitzer Str. 6 10999 Berlin

Wann: // Samstag, den 25. Mai 2019, 10 Uhr

Organising committee:
Ertuğ Tombuş, Urszula Woźniak, Tuğba Yalçınkaya 

Conference coordinator:
Irmak Ekin Karel

Conference assistants:
Lalit Chennamaneni, Mathis Gann, Lennard Gottmann, Kristin Küter,Felix Ochtrop,Maximiliane Schneider

// The conference is organised by the program „Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies“ and funded by Einstein Foundation and Stiftung Mercator.

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